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Thank you. I then know tonight, that ispossibly so what it all right. Its very important that the lenderunderstands that you just had a hardship and so, whether whether it is that you simply get in touch with lavet in her service orthat herds from the Bronx or you also get in touch with a person, it was quite important your Pearl actus and you do it right now,because the bank is not going to think isn’t likely to wait. Whatdo you mean why, oh, my god, look at the industry right now: okay, a 30-year six mortgage! Thank you. They get many, really that the process is that they start sitting out the notices, what it goesinto lists pendants. Alright, if you don’t need it by this day, then we’re likelyto start the foreclosure procedure that is pending. You may give us a call,because we understand the formulation how why we have been coping with the lender for the previous 10 years now, 10 decades, Ihave been doing loan modifications and it’s very important to understand. If, if the lender gave you an 8 percent rate, why wouldthey voluntarily just want to take less money from you right? Alright, a loan modification is if in the lender is essentially altering the conditions of your initial mortgage which you signed for, but the bank is changing the conditions due to a hardship. Our title is Levesque invoices and it has been our pleasure.

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Katie is still talking mortgages, Edgar needs a job, but you will have to phone her Edgar yeah telephone her at heroccupation you’re, not doing your interview on my time. All one one of the textures wants to understand. What’s that list? Sothis is general information. Iapologize, however, things will need to get done. Its advice hour here on the show and LaVette Beals is hereLaVette bills. Pendants is the manner in which the lender is calling in the entireprincipal balance of this loan, so they’re asking for all the money in and they’re saying. Thank you very well, though, we’re going to take some telephone calls.Okay, I am sorry Katie. I mean every month we’re scrounging, we understand we scrounged.

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I really don’t want to get in trouble for saying, but they’re not going tophone up you they’re not going to be eager to they say. Whatshould you mean, I’m sorry, Charlie, what can you say?I said, they simply robbed you. There comes a time when you all need advice I totally know that I can’thandle and I’ve been getting lots of emails and lots of you know messages regarding financing, therefore we have into the Armandin we have. Thisis general info. I can tell you about that all right,what it does not mean to get financing modification of texture wants to know. Seven one eight around seven, nine, seven, two, seven, eight one or log on to MPC realestate, calm and you can email me come directly to my phone. A 30-year fixed mortgage cannot go up ifit’s fixed. Okay, if you don’t need it by this very day, thenwe are likely to begin the foreclosure procedure that’s pending.

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Alright, with about a few months in two of theFulton mortgage: okay, it is three to four weeks where you have not paid your mortgage right and of the Fulton, then things beginto happen. All of our heads make no! Iperson, because this really is my right right. Is that the question that I don’t know? My matter is: if folks see what the bottom line is, why arethey signing on somebody else’s champagne time if they have beer money? A 30-year fixed mortgage can’t go up if it is fixed. Is this when what someone would do if they arefalling behind in their mortgage say they’re one month late, they realize that the nocturnal GMAC is essential to do it right awayright and what they’re searching for the loan modification? Yes, talk about it today, if the year, 1 month after, I do not care ifyou’re one year late, I still have customers who’ve been in the faulted mortgage for a whole year and there is still the house onit. You go baby okay, so I just requested my I’m sorry.

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Thankyou, windy everybody’s on the phone to speak about Chris Brown and Rihanna, therefore we’re going to get started with Charlie whois, twenty eight phoning from Queens Chris. You will give us a call, because we understand the formulation how why we have beendealing with the bank for the last ten decades now, 10 years, I have been doing loan alterations and it is very important tocomprehend. Thus, let us do it. Shespecializes in foreclosures and loan modest, Asians along with your site our website, it is MTC, om, TC realestate. If, in the event the bank gave you an 8 percent rate, why would they voluntarily just wish to take less money from youright? You would ask the bank to get financing mod. Why do I’m like not functioning? No mercy property calm, but that amount is a seven MTC right, we will return thanks thanks LaVette.

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which independent mortgage advice

That usually means that they really filed a court summons atthe courtroom that your home is presently going into foreclosure, pre foreclosure and after that, clearly, I do not like to use aforeclosure, because it’s all pre foreclosure before the actual day they actually auction off the house. You would ask the bank to get financing mod. This is general information, she’s from MTC real real Get the facts bangaloreweekly estate and that she specializes in mortgage andforeclosure modification, so welcome to the series LaVette. What do you mean why, oh, my god, examine the industry right now: ok, a 30-year six mortgage! If you would like to check LaVette invoices out, you know she is acertified real estate broker, she specializes in foreclosure and loan modification. I licensed property agent. No! I said exactly occurred.Oh well, then will not we give your nationally number, which is 877 MTC, tops yes, MTC top and for you right here,tri-state seven, one, eight, seven, nine, two, seven, seven, eight you! You going back to the officeafter this. I really like youyou’re the very best.

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